Save a Life....Adopt a Pet

Please help the animals in our rescue organization by clicking on the DONATE button below.  We operate solely on donations and many of the dogs we rescue are due to the fact they are in need of medical attention or were severely neglected.

 Some of the medical dogs Smooch Pooch Rescue has saved!  All of these dogs have found their forever homes! 

  Hudson before          Hudson after

 Jelly Belly before       Jelly Belly After

       Morrie before         Morrie After   

          Davin Before          Davin after           
        Chihuahua Dog for adption in San Pedro, California - Nicholas
Nicholas before         Nicholas After 
Julia Before              Julia After

Magoo Before!!          Magoo After

  Grover Before          Grover Before            Grover After!             Grover After!          



                               ABOUT OUR RESCUE GROUP

Smooch Pooch Dog Rescue is a state and federal registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that is 100% volunteer based.  We are not a shelter, we are a private rescue organization that rescues all breed dogs and other animals from shelters.  We do not have a facility or operating hours.  All of our dogs are in private foster homes but from time to time they are in boarding until a foster is foundWe normally hold our adoption events on Saturdays at Petco in Rolling Hills Estates but we also show by private appointments.  Please contact us for our adoption event schedule or for an appointment to see one of our dogs. 

Our rescue group is dedicated to a few very special memory of Zac, Cooper and Rich Mathias.  Rich, was the "Kid" who loved the bully breeds and had a passion to save them.  Rich touched the lives of so many four legged creatures.  We hope that with our hard work and dedication to the animals, Rich, Zac and Cooper will remain with us forever.....

Sadly, hundreds of dogs are euthanized weekly at shelters across the country. A very plain and simple fact is that humans have caused the euthanasia rate to spike out of control at the shelters due to not sterilizing their pets and/or irresponsible breeding.  Smooch Pooch rescues dogs from our local high kill shelters, many of them the day they are to be euthanized and gives them another chance at life. We rehabilitate these animals so they can live a happy and healthy life in their new homes.  We also rescue strays, owner surrenders and abandoned animals. We prefer to rescue animals that are in danger of euthanasia at our local shelters and abandoned animals as we see this as the most critical.

Please adopt your next dog instead of purchasing one. There are too many homeless dogs including pure breeds that need your love! If you are unable to adopt, please consider donating or fostering.

Because we are a not-for-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible! We are always in need of donations which will help with our animals' medical attention, medicine, boarding fees, food, and supplies. Please clink on the DONATE button below to help the animals in our organization.


We are in great need of volunteers and foster parents. Volunteers are needed to help with adoption events, photographing our animals, transporting our animals, and fostering. Please contact us if you are interested in helping out.